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Manufacturer and retailer of professional lock picking equipment and direct seller of the outstanding Moki Picks. Whether you are a complete beginner or a venerable professional, no one will be disappointed with the tools offered here, because quality, functionality and longevity are very important. Get to know us!

Where am I?

Single picks

Be individual and put together your own lock picking set.

Moki picks are designed so that they can not only be used longer than other manufacturers, the optional accessories also give you absolute freedom to put together your personal desired set or simply buy what you currently need.

Tensioning tools

Increase tension!

Some say that the right tensioning tool is even more important than the pick itself. I'll leave that decision up to you.

But what you can say with certainty is that the ambitious lockpicker can't have enough tensioning tools and that's why you'll find a large selection of individual tools or sets here that will complement an existing set or become part of your very own pick set.

You decide!

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